Super Professional Types Of Air Bag
Air ride parts list
Power cord (2.5m)
Solenoid valve
signal cord (10m)
8 AWG Power
Nylon line 1m
Nylon line
4x6MM (25m)
JA-C2-0022 JA-C2-0023 JA-C2-0054 JA-C3-2044 JA-C3-2012/2015
60A Fuse box 60A Fuse 40A VIAIR Relay VIAIR 444C Piston
JA-C3-2013 JA-C2-0055 JA-C2-0056 JA-C2-0051 JA-C2-0053
VIAIR 444C Cylinder*1+
Cylinder O ring*2
Upper & Lower
Saddle Plate
1/4 Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve
JA-C2-0052 JA-C5-0046 JA-C3-2019 JA-C2-0047 JA-C2-0059
3/8 24UNF Pressure Sensor w/O ring 3/8 24UNF Pressure Sensor w/O ring*4 w/ bracket Pressure switch 150~175 PSI Mechanical Switch Electric Switch
JA-C2-0050 JA-C2-0058 JA-C3-2017 JA-C3-2021 JA-C3-2022
Safety Valve VIAIR 444C Check Valve 6MML 1/8outer pitch 6MML 3/8outer pitch 6MM
L Shape Fitting
JA-C5-0043 JA-C5-0047 JA-C5-0010 JA-C5-0012 JA-C5-0016
6MM 1/4 outer pitch 6MM 1/8 inner pitch 6MM 1/8 outer pitch 6MM fitting 10MM 1/4
outer pitch
JA-C5-0019 JA-C5-0020 JA-C5-0021 JA-C5-0022 JA-C5-0023
6MM 3-direction
1/8PT 1/4 pitch
Bushing Butterfly Valve Motor Adapter
JA-C5-0028 JA-C5-0033 JA-C5-0034 JA-C5-0037 JA-C5-0038
1/4*1/4 inner outer pitch 1/4 inner outer
3-direction Fitting
6MM 1/4outer Strength-Saving Adapter 10MM 1/4outer Strength-Saving Adapter 1/4*3/8 24UNFAdapter for pressuresensor
JA-C5-0041 JA-C5-0042 JA-C5-0044 JA-C5-0045 JA-C5-0049
1/8*3/8 24UNFAdapter for pressuresensor Luxury RemoteControl (incl. wireset) Remote Control(Luxury) Simple remote control AFH remote control
JA-C5-0050 JA-C2-0016 JA-C2-0033 JA-C2-0045 JA-C2-0044
APP Bluetooth
AFH Remote Battery 20L Air tank 20L Stainless steel Air Tank VIAIR Compressor assembly (444C)
JA-C2-0049 JA-C2-0057 JA-C4-1001 JA-C4-1003 JA-C6-1020
AZ Air Hose VIAIR 444C Air Hose Motor vibration-free
mounting  Hardware
Silencer 1/4PT Basic Dual NeedleGauge Assembly
JA-C5-0039 JA-C5-0048 JA-C3-2011 JA-C2-0048 JA-C6-1001
Deluxe Dual NeedleGauge Assembly Dual Needle Gauge Height sensor kit*1 Height sensor kit*2 Height sensor kit*4
JA-C6-1002 JA-C3-2023 JA-C3-2049 JA-C3-2045 JA-C3-2047
Basic ManagementAssembly Basic ManagementAssembly NO COMPRESSOR & TANK NEW Deluxe ECM Assembly NEW Deluxe ManagementAssembly Super Pro. ECM Assembly
JA-C6-1004 JA-C6-1023 JA-C6-1022 JA-C6-1021 JA-C6-1018
Super Pro. Management Assembly Gold ECM Assembly
(incl. height sensor&APP Bluetooth Receiver)
Gold Management Assembly Super Pro.Solenoid Gold Solenoid
JA-C6-1007 JA-C6-1019 JA-C6-1008 JA-C6-1024 JA-C6-1025
ECU ECU Board      
JA-C6-1026 JA-C6-1028      
JA-SB-1004 JA-SB-1005 JA-SB-1006 JA-SB-1007 JA-SB-1008
JA-SB-1009 JA-SB-1013 JA-SB-1015 JA-SB-1017 JA-SB-1018
JA-SB-1019 JA-SB-1021 JA-SB-1022 JA-SB-1023 JA-SB-1024
JA-SB-1025 JA-SB-1026 JA-SB-1027 JA-SB-1029 JA-SB-1030
JA-SB-1031 JA-SB-1032 JA-SB-1033 JA-SB-1034 JA-SB-1035
JA-SB-1036 JA-SB-1037 JA-SB-1038 JA-SB-1039 JA-SB-1040

JA-SB-1041 JA-SB-1042 JA-SB-1043 JA-SB-1044 JA-SB-1045
JA-SB-1046 JA-SB-1047 JA-SB-1048 JA-SB-1049 JA-SB-1050
JA-SB-1051 JA-SB-1052 JA-SB-1053 JA-SB-1054 JA-SB-1055

JA-SB-1056 JA-SB-1057 JA-SB-1058 JA-SB-1061 JA-SB-1062

JA-SB-1063 JA-SB-1064 JA-SB-1065 JA-SB-1066 JA-SB-1067

JA-SB-1068 JA-SB-1069 JA-SB-1070  JA-SB-1071  JA-SB-1072

JA-SB-1073 JA-SB-1074 JA-SB-1075 JA-SB-2001  JA-SB-2002 

JA-SB-2003  JA-SB-2004  JA-SB-2009  JA-SB-2010  JA-SB-2011 

JA-SB-2012  JA-SB-2013  JA-SB-2014  JA-SB-2015  JA-SB-2016

JA-SB-2017 JA-SB-2018 JA-SB-2019 JA-SB-2020 JA-SB-2021

JA-SB-2022 JA-SB-2023 JA-SB-2024 JA-SB-2025 JA-SB-2026
JA-SB-2027 JA-SB-2028 JA-SB-2029 JA-SB-2030 JA-SB-2031
JA-SB-2032 JA-SB-2033 JA-SB-2034 JA-SB-2035 JA-SB-2036