• This kit is specialized for rally-asphalt purpose. In addition to stabilize the vehicle, it absorbs the bump caused by the uneven roads. 

  • The standard design goes with wishbone coilover. There are φ44mm pistons in the strut which can contain large amount volume of shock oil for handling everlastingly and prevent the shocks from exhaustion after long-term use.

  • Pillowball Top Mount is able to adjust the camber of the front tires to get the front tire better turn and increase the stability of the vehicle.

  • The main design of spring rate and damping settings is for Rally Asphalt purpose.

  • This unit comes with ride height and 36-way damping setting to meet different road conditions.

  • The ride height can be dropped 60~100mm from OE ride height for your reference.

  • When turned around in high speed, it will not occur lateral slide phenomenon.

  • The product is not suitable for street, rally gravel, rally snow usage.

  • Any application that doesn’t appear on our application can be customized to meet our customer’s requirements.

  • 3D pillowball top mount is capable of adjusting the camber and caster for customer options.

  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.

  • The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different from the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure.


pro15 pro16

The pillowball top mount can be adjusted the camber degrees and incraese the handling and stability of your vehicle by

10%. However, it is easy to create some slight unusual sound when come across a big bumps. The pillowball top mount

covers no warranty.



pro13 pro14

3D pillowball top mount is able to adjust the camber and caster of front tires to increase the stability and traction at the