• This multi-function of product is the top of all types of shock absorbers in the world. The product is developed for racing purpose. It mainly goes with inverted structure suspension and able to extend the amount of oil.

  • The design comes with adjustable fitting which can be 720 degrees rotatable, and it’s only available for a few car models. The product isn’t recommended for street purpose.

  • There are 3 adjustment knobs in this unit. One is for adjusting nitrogen pressure and the others are for adjusting the damping force.

  • The compression and rebound damping settings can be adjusted separately and above-mentioned adjustment knobs can be adjusted separately as well; there are 11664 different settings to adjust.

  • The best part of this item is to extend the amount of oil and nitrogen gas which can increase the stability of the shocks and prevent the shock oil temperature too high from being exhausted after long-term use.

  • This product is designed for racing purpose. Because its small oil hole design, when driving through big bumps, the coilover oil will go through small passage which might cause some small noise. This is normal situation. This product is made for circuit tracks and there will be no concern for bumps on the tracks.

  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.

  • The product is produced for our VIP, and there are 3D pillowball top mount, pillowball top mount and rally rubber top mount for customers’ options.

  • Any application that doesn’t appear on our application can be customized to meet our sole distributor’s requirements.